Thoughts on Saving the World - from New Jersey, with Love.

Why Save Place?

Our landscape spaces effect the quality of our entire region's ecology and, because we rely on our environment for our own health and well-being, a healthy ecosystem matters.  What you choose to plant at home has far-reaching effects on the world around you.

This website is dedicated to increasing awareness of the threat of invasive plants to our natural resources and providing information to help you Save Place.  It cannot be done without you!

Effects of Invasives

Native plants are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem.  Because all that surrounds us is intimately tied together, when one piece goes missing, many others are affected.  Without native plants, our native wildlife can not survive.  Without them, our health is threatened.  This may seem like an abstract concept but there are many real-world examples about how the health of our local ecology is important to us.

One particularly salient example of unexpected cause and effect: research has suggested that the removal of deer's natural predators is likely responsible for the recent spike of Lyme Disease in people.  Hard to imagine why?  Check out our pressures page for details.  You'll see just how complex living systems are.

How to Save the World 

Ok, maybe that's a bit ambitious.  But helping save place will go far toward that goal.  Our native flora and fauna provide valuable, though often unseen, benefits and services to us.  In addition, the very survival of a large number of local species are in jeopardy due to loss of our native flora.  The actions we take in our own back yards can reverse that trend.

This site provides:
  • Native plant suggestions for our region and resources on where to purchase them
  • Names and images of common invasives to avoid (and annihilate!)
  • An easy-to-digest primer on the costs of invasive plant species (tell a friend!)
  • Updates from the field of invasive plant management, book recommendations, favorite websites and, well, More.

We hope you'll join us in our quest to Save Place.
Your simple changes can go a long way!

Not in our region?  Just search "native plants your state" or "invasive species management your state" for more information.  There are sure to be people working on this near you. 

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